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Welcome to 633 Marriage

A site for the married, that is focused on helping to keep the First in life’s crazy.

If there is one undeniable truth that is globally understood and accepted in every region, culture, language, and gender, it is that MARRIAGE IS HARD. Now it may be hard for different reasons for different people and couples, but anyone who is married or has been married can agree, at some point the collision of two individuals becoming one tends to create a bit of friction, pain, and or downright destruction at times while the process of the marital union plays out over time. Marriage can truly encompass the saying, “No pain, no gain.”

Though there is an undeniable truth that marriage is hard, it can also be true that it can be the most amazing, rewarding, joyful, life-changing thing that we will ever experience in our lifetime. It’s through marriage that we find true intimacy with another individual while growing together to make ourselves and the world a better place. Sounds a lot like the last happy anniversary card I bought for my wife.

So if a marriage can be the greatest and or the worst thing in life, how do we ensure that we end up on the positive end of the deal when it comes to our own life and marriage? Is there a special sequence or way of doing things that will lead to a happy marriage? These are questions that we have not only asked numerous times in our marriage but have also lived on both sides of the coin in our marriage. We have experienced the most blissful joy that life has ever granted through our marriage, while in the same relationship, and have admitted to one another that we are living in our version of hell on earth because of the state that our marriage was in.

We have searched for solutions, reasons, and explanations to try to answer the questions surrounding the difficulties and issues of marriage. No shortage of content and direction is available on the topic of how to solve the impending issues in a marriage. But how many times have you found yourself repeating the same mistakes on the self-guided route to fix your marriage?

We want to make something very clear before proceeding. We have no answers to help you solve the issues that come with marriage. We are not here to be another resource to share the top 10 ways to have a happy marriage. We have no list of actionables for you to do to make your marriage better. 

We may have no answers to enlighten you with, but we do want to share truths, experiences, observations, and unpack questions about marriage in hopes that we all can gain more perspective and know that we are not alone in the struggle. 

And most importantly there is a God that created marriage to be the best thing in your life and He believes in and wants every marriage to not only succeed but to thrive in happiness.

There are a few truths that we have gleaned from the marital experiences that we think are foundational to a healthy and happy marriage:

  1. God must be First and marriage second.
  2. Love is to the woman, what Respect is to the man.
  3. Communication is just as important as breathing.
  4. Community is the ultimate safety net.
  5. Prayer changes everything.

Whether you agree with the truths above or not, will you join us on the journey in all things marriage? We will dive into topics specific to marriage and parenting while keeping God as the priority. And along this journey, we want to pray for anyone who has a need in their marriage or family. You can submit a prayer request that we will fervently hold up in prayer.

Be prepared to read about good and bad marriage situations that aim to identify areas where we all can overlook the importance of keeping God First in the midst of all of life’s craziness. We believe and have seen the power of what God can do in an individual, a marriage, and a family when God is the very first priority. We hope, that as we share real-life experiences and struggles that other lives will be enlightened to a 633 marriage approach. 

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