Need prayer for something?

If you want someone to earnestly pray for something, you can submit a request by clicking on the button below. We believe in the power of prayer and will never share any information or details of your request.

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Can we pray with you?

At 633, we believe in the power of prayer. Whether you are religious or not, believe in God or don’t, are a part of a religion that does or doesn’t align with our beliefs, or have no idea what prayer is, that is ok.

We would be honored to pray for you if you are struggling, hurting, confused, stuck, lost, or without hope. We NEVER reveal, share, or post any submitted prayer requests and ask that you do not provide your last name when submitting a prayer request to minimize the amount of personal data provided.

We ask for an email address to confirm the submission; occasionally, we might send emails of encouragement or support. We are not here to sell you anything or have any agenda.

Our goal is to share love, encouragement, and truth in hopes that it will benefit and improve your life and to stand in prayer for a person, spouse, parent, and, ultimately, a generation.

Prayer Request Form

    If you are attempting to sell an item or service, please refrain from submitting that on our site. We will not respond to solicitation submissions, so please save yourself and us the time of having to delete your submission. Repeated solicitation attempts will result in our team blocking you from our website, so you have been warned. 😉